2011.01.02 - Release boxcutter 1.5
Fixed filename bug with PNG output.

2010.11.14 - Release boxcutter 1.4
Added multi-monitor support and PNG output.

2009.06.04 - Release boxcutter 1.3
Add a faster program boxcutter-fs for full-screen screenshot.

2008.12.01 - Release boxcutter 1.2
Small bug fixes and more output messages. Please report any bugs you may find to my google code issues tracker. Thanks.

2008.11.08 - Release boxcutter 1.1
Added option fullscreen screenshot and fixed console output bug.

2008.08.09 - Release boxcutter 1.0
First release.


boxcutter is a simple command line-driven screenshot program for Microsoft Windows. Unlike using the "Print Screen" key that takes a full-screen screenshot, boxcutter allows the user to screenshot a smaller portion of the screen by dragging a box and automatically saves the screenshot to a specified file. boxcutter can also run without command line, in which case it will by default place a screenshot onto the clipboard. If the --coords option is given, a rectangle of the screen will be used for capture.


usage: boxcutter [OPTIONS] [OUTPUT_FILENAME]

Saves a screenshot to 'OUTPUT_FILENAME' if given.  Only output formats
"*.bmp" and "*.png" are supported.  If no file name is given,
screenshot is stored on clipboard by default.

  -c, --coords X1,Y1,X2,Y2    capture the rectange (X1,Y1)-(X2,Y2)
  -f, --fullscreen            fullscreen screenshot
  -v, --version               display version information
  -h, --help                  display help message


A screenshot of boxcutter in action!
boxcutter screenshot


boxcutter 1.5:       boxcutter-1.5.zip
boxcutter 1.4:       boxcutter-1.4.zip
boxcutter 1.3:       boxcutter-1.3.zip
boxcutter 1.2:       boxcutter-1.2.zip
boxcutter 1.1:       boxcutter-1.1.zip
boxcutter 1.0:       boxcutter-1.0.zip

All downloads are available here. You can also follow my latest development on github.

Boxcutter is open source. If you like it, you can contribute towards further development.


boxcutter is provided as-is. I only make it available in the hope that someone else will find it useful. If you find any bugs or experience any other problems I would be interested to know. My email is rasmus[at]mit[dot]edu. Enjoy!

Last Update: Jan 1, 2011