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How to play


The Object of Puzzle Toyz is to move your tank around the playing field to collect all the marbles. If you get stumped, use the Retry link.

How to move your tank

To move your tank, either use the arrow keys or click a square next to your tank.

This is your Tank:

To save your game simply click on Save. This will save the level you are currently on. It will not save your location in the level. Use the Load to reload your game.

OBJECTS on the playing field

Blank spots
Your tank may move onto these spots.
Your tank may not move on to or through this spot.
Blocks may be pushed around by your tank. To push a block simply move into its square. If a Rock or a Wall (edge of playing field) is on the other side on the block, the block will not move. You can put several blocks together in a row and push all of them at once.
To complete a level, you must collect all the marbles that appear on the playing. These marbles may also be pushed by blocks and other block-like objects.
Spiked Blocks
These act just like blocks, except they can not be pushed directly. You can only push them by pushing a another block into them.
Water Holes
You can not walk onto these squares. But you can push wooden blocks into the water. This fills up the hole and turns it into a blank space.