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How to play


The object of the game is to clear the game board by dissolving all the colored blocks. To dissolve a block, simply place it next to another block of the same color. It is possible to place several blocks of the same color together in order to dissolve all of them at once. After dissolving all of the blocks, the game will advance to the next level.


To move a block, you must first highlight it by clicking on it. After you have chosen a block to move, you can either move it one space to the right or left. This is done by clicking directly to the right or left of the highlighted block.


There is only one way to lose, and that is by making the puzzle impossible to solve. For example, if there are three blue blocks and you dissolve two of them, you will be stuck with one block left. A block needs another matching block in order to dissolve. Therefore the puzzle becomes impossible to solve. It is a good idea to keep track of how many of each type of block you have so that you can plan how to dissolve them. If a puzzle does become impossible, simply click the "Retry" button on the right in order to retry that level.