2011.09.14 - Released KeepNote 0.7.5

KeepNote 0.7.5 is now released. Please backup your notebooks whenever you upgrade KeepNote. Enjoy.

2011.08.31 - Testing KeepNote 0.7.5

I am now starting to test KeepNote 0.7.5. Check it out.

2011.07.09 - Released KeepNote 0.7.4

KeepNote 0.7.4 is now released. Many thanks to those who helped me test this on windows Issue 482.

2011.06.18 - Released KeepNote 0.7.3

KeepNote 0.7.3 is now released. Added close buttons on tabs and improved notebook indexing, speed, and stability.

2011.05.12 - Released KeepNote 0.7.2

I just released KeepNote 0.7.2. If you have any issues please report them to my issue tracker.

2011.04.24 - Testing KeepNote 0.7.2

I am now testing a new version of KeepNote 0.7.2. It contains a few bug fixes including the ability to copy/move notes between notebooks. My hope is that this feature will lead the way towards easier sharing of notes between notebooks and/or people.

2011.03.01 - Released KeepNote 0.7.1

KeepNote 0.7.1 is now released. It contains a few last minute fixes over KeepNote 0.7. Thanks to everyone who helped report issues.

2011.02.27 - Testing KeepNote 0.7.1

Although I tested KeepNote 0.7 for several weeks, several annoying bugs slipped through (issue 411: can't change helper applications, issue 114). I am now testing a new version KeepNote 0.7.1, which you can use to get around these issues.

2011.02.25 - Released KeepNote 0.7

I have now released KeepNote 0.7. KeepNote now has very fast indexed full text search. Thanks to everyone who helped test this release. As always, please backup your notebooks before upgrading to a new version of KeepNote.

2011.02.02 - Testing KeepNote 0.7

I am now testing KeepNote 0.7. The main new feature is indexed full text search. Searching should now occur much faster. Please help me test it and report any issues to the issue tracker. You can also follow the discussion over this release here.

2011.01.24 - Released KeepNote 0.6.8

KeepNote 0.6.8 is now released.

2011.01.23 - Testing KeepNote 0.6.8

I am currently working on a new verison of KeepNote that will have full text indexing, which I plan to release as version 0.7. In the meantime, I have a few bug fixes that I want to make available. I am testing the bug fix release here (KeepNote 0.6.8). If you find anything that I missed, please file a bug report. Thanks!

2010.11.23 - Released KeepNote 0.6.7

I have released KeepNote 0.6.7. It contains only a few bug fixes over version 0.6.6. If you find anything that I missed please file a bug report.

2010.11.16 - Released KeepNote 0.6.6

KeepNote 0.6.6 is now released! It provides faster page loading, multiple window and tab persistence, as well as many bug fixes.

2010.10.13 - Released KeepNote 0.6.5

KeepNote 0.6.5 is now released!

2010.09.18 - Testing KeepNote 0.6.5

I am beginning testing for KeepNote 0.6.5. It includes saving of opened tabs, naming tabs, and several bug fixes. Remember to always backup your notebooks before trying a testing version. Send you bug reports to my issue tracker.

2010.07.23 - Released KeepNote 0.6.4

I have released a small update for KeepNote. It includes a fix for the following issue.

2010.07.14 - New extensions on github

I have started sharing new KeepNote extensions on github. Right now there are new ones you can download for KeepNote:

For more information on extension see the Extension page.

2010.07.04 - Released KeepNote 0.6.3

KeepNote 0.6.3 is now available for download. Its features include a tab interface, multiple selection in the treeview/listview, note duplication, and much more (change log). As always, please backup your notebooks before trying a new version of KeepNote. Please try it out and use the issue tracker to submit bug reports.

2010.06.19 - Testing KeepNote 0.6.3

KeepNote 0.6.3 is now ready for testing Please try it out and use the issue tracker to submit bug reports. Its features include a tab interface, multiple selection in the treeview/listview, note duplication, and much more. As always, please backup your notebooks before trying a new version of KeepNote.

2010.02.19 - Released KeepNote 0.6.2

I have just released the latest version of KeepNote. Check it out. The see the change log for the latest new features.

2010.02.08 - Testing KeepNote 0.6.2

I have prepared a testing version of KeepNote 0.6.2. Please try it out and use the issue tracker to submit bug reports. It includes a mechanism for installing and uninstalling extensions. I plan to release many new features as extensions, in order to keep the core of the program simple. I will also be posting more documentation for people who would like to write their own extensions. If you are interested in sharing your extensions, I will be posting some of them here.

2010.01.15 - Windows version of KeepNote 0.6.1 released

For the past two weeks, I have been ironing out one annoying bug left in the Windows version of KeepNote 0.6.1. With help of great testers, who patiently tested many test releases for me, I now have a release ready for public download.

For those of you who want to use minimal toolbar mode, please try the current testing version of KeepNote 0.6.2.

2010.01.03 - Released Keepnote 0.6.1

I have justed released Keepnote 0.6.1. It has many bug fixes, improved support for translations on Windows, and more extensive extension support (i.e. "plugins"). See the change log. In the next couple of releases, I plan on improving the extension system such that most new features can be added as extensions. I may even setup a central repository for extensions other people have developed and want to share. If you are interested in extension development drop me an email: rasmus[at]mit[dot]edu.

Some menu options were reorganized and renamed in this latest version. Please be patient while I update the documentation to match.

As always, please send me your bug reports and read this if you are interested in adding a new language translation. Enjoy.

NOTE Windows users: I have moved the windows version back into testing until a few remaining install issues have been addressed. You can try the latest testing version or download the last stable release: keepnote-0.6.exe.

2009.11.29 - Testing KeepNote 0.6.1

KeepNote 0.6.1 has been in testing for a month now and is nearing release. If you are interested in trying out the new version and giving me your feedback about it, please see this post.

2009.09.16 - Released KeepNote 0.6

I just released the latest version of KeepNote. There are several new features, the biggest of which is note-to-note linking. Thanks to all the testers that helped me iron out many bugs. If you experience any problems please post them to the issue tracker. As always, please backup your notebooks before upgrading to a new version of KeepNote.

2009.08.20 - Testing KeepNote 0.6

If you are interested in testing out the next version of KeepNote (version 0.6), please checkout the information listed on this post. The next version will include features such as note-to-note linking, last note selection saved, loading recently opened notebooks, and much more. If you would like to hear about future new testing versions email me (rasmus[at]mit[dot]edu) and I'll add you to my testers mailing list.

2009.07.08 - Released KeepNote 0.5.3

KeepNote 0.5.3 is now released. It contains many bug fixes as well as features such as file attachments, and language translation for French. If you would like to help translate another language please contact me at rasmus[at]mit[dot]edu. See the change log for more details.

2009.05.02 - More documentation and development

I have added more documentation for KeepNote. Specifically, I added explanations for the custom icon and image resizing features. Also, I have been adding features for KeepNote 0.5.3. So far, I have File Includes which allow adding any file into the notebook (think PDFs, Word files, Excel file, etc). Files appear as notes in your notebook (they can be children or have child notes) and when they are double-clicked they are opened with the OS's default viewer.

2009.04.12 - Released KeepNote 0.5.2

I have moved the latest version of KeepNote out of the testing phase. Thanks to all the testers who gave feedback. See the Change log for information on whats new in 0.5.2. KeepNote 0.5.3 will start to include bug fixes and small improvements that have been suggested by the testers and users. Enjoy.

2009.02.24 - Request for testers

I am currently in the finishing stages of release Keepnote 0.5.2. Before I officially release it, I would like to send it to people to test it out and make sure I have not introduced any regressions (new bugs). If this works well, I may even make the testing release a regular thing. So if you are interested in getting a sneek peek at the latest features and are willing to handle possible regressions, please let me know rasmus [a t] mit [d o t] edu.

I expect the testing releases to be nearly as stable as the regular ones, for example, I will be using the lastest version for my own daily note-taking. However, I strongly recommend backing up notes regularly while using a testing release. Some of the features you can look forward to in KeepNote 0.5.2

On the road ahead, I see features like: links between notes, including other document types (e.g. Word documents, Excel, etc), user customized listview columns (e.g due date, priority), tabbed browsing, true indexed search, and virtual folders (i.e. saved searches).

2009.01.25 - Release KeepNote 0.5.1

I have changed the name of TakeNote to KeepNote. "TakeNote" appears to be used very frequently on the web. Hopefully, KeepNote will be more unique and will be easier for people to locate on the web.

This release contains a first implementation of hyperlinks and a new notebook metadata format. For more information on the new notebook metadata format read here. Please backup your notebooks before trying out the new version of KeepNote, in case you experience any problems with the new program. Also as a general reminder, be sure to backup your notebooks at regular intervals and especially before a program version upgrade. Copying your notebook folder is sufficient, as well as using KeepNote's built-in backup feature.

As always, this release also contains many bug fixes. Thanks to everyone who have been posting bug reports on google code. I keep working on the report submitted to the old issue tracker.

2008.12.21 - Release TakeNote 0.4.5

I have smoothed out a few of the rough edges in this release, so that the code will be ready before I tackled completely new features. For example, I now have "Paste As Plain Text", progress bars for background tasks, safer file writing (for unexpected power loss), as well as many bug fixes. If you have any problems, please email me or file a bug report. UPDATE: a small fix has been applied to 0.4.5. If you had problems please re-download and try installing again.

2008.11.30 - Debian Release of TakeNote 0.4.4

Here is my first release of a Debian package for TakeNote. This should be more convenient for Debian and Ubuntu users. Please let me know if you have any issues installing it.

2008.11.06 - Release TakeNote 0.4.4

I have added color font, XDG configuration support, and many bug fixes. You can get the latest version of TakeNote here and go here for its documentation. This release and 0.4.3 were polishing releases. My next few releases will focus on more exciting features: links (web, files, and between notes), more extensions, exporting, printing, customizing columns in the listview, and true indexed full-text search (much faster). Thanks to those of you who have sent me feedback (rasmus[a t]mit[d o t]edu), it has been very helpful. Enjoy.

2008.10.01 - Release TakeNote 0.4.3

This release has a few small changes to the setup.py script which was giving some people trouble, as well as a few changes to relax version requirements for GTK and Python.

2008.09.27 - Release TakeNote 0.4.2

This release has bullet point lists, the beginnings of an extension system, a system tray icon, better customization, faster page loads, and several bug fixes [change log]. Thanks again to those who emailed me with suggestions and bug reports (rasmus[a t]mit[d o t]edu).

2008.08.09 - Release TakeNote 0.4.1

I have made a few bug fixes as well as improvements for copying and pasting images and HTML fragments. Let me know if you encounter any problems or have any specific features that you would like to see included.

2008.07.12 - Release TakeNote 0.4

This is my first public release of TakeNote! It is a simple note taking programming that I have been using for my research and class notes. It should be applicable to many note taking situations. I have included the bare essentials for this release: inline images, basic fonts, full-text search (not implemented with indexing, but will soon). I expect to add more complete features in the next release.