KeepNote Extensions

KeepNote supports an extension system, where users can write their own extensions (i.e. plugins) in order to add new features to KeepNote. Here are a few extensions now available for KeepNote contributed by other developers. As time goes on, more and more extensions will be added to this list. If you have an extension you would like to add, please contact me at rasmus[at]mit[dot]edu.

For information on how to write extensions please see the developer notes. The source code for all extensions is available on github.

Note: You must use the latest stable version of KeepNote to install these extensions.

Stable Extensions

Import Basket
Primitive import of Basket Notepad Databases.
Import Folder Tree
Will Rouesnel
Imports a folder tree as nodes in a notebook
Import NoteCase
Primitive import of NoteCase .ncd Files
Import Plain Text
Matt Rasmussen
Imports plain text files as nodes in a notebook
Make File Catalog
Mark Saliers, Will Rouesnel
Imports a folder tree, listing file names (maybe as links) notebook.

Testing Extensions

Newer extensions

Mark Saliers
Captures contents of system clipboard as text and images are copied from other applications. Suffers from same limitations as standard copy/paste routines do under Windows.
Derek O'Connell
Creates nodes from selected text (one per line)

Builtin Extensions

Extensions installed by default in the latest version of KeepNote

Notebook Backup (tar)
Matt Rasmussen
Backups a notebook to a gzip tar file (*.tar.gz)
Basic Commands
Matt Rasmussen
Adds basic command line options to KeepNote
Editor Insert Date
Matt Rasmussen
Inserts the current date in the text editor
Export HTML
Matt Rasmussen
Exports a notebook to HTML format
New File
Matt Rasmussen
Attaches a new (empty) file to a notebook
Python Prompt
Matt Rasmussen
Allows the user to execute python within KeepNote